HTML5 VS Project Template

Visual Studio 2017/ 2019 HTML5 Project Template

This template simplify the coding of HTML5 web site (Bootstrap 4, Jquery 3.3) with Visual Studio.

What is it ?

This template can be installed as an extension of Visual Studio 2017/ 2019. The project will appear in the C# section of Visual Studio but as it is an HTML project :

  • WARNING : The project can not be compiled (only HTML, Javascript and CSS)
  • You can you use the WebForm editor (with Bootstrap and JQuery intellisense).
  • You can use the Publish feature of Visual Studio.

The content of the template pre-integrate advanced features:

  • Responsive behavior when clicking nav links perfect for a one page website
  • Bootstrap's scrollspy feature which highlights which section of the page you're on in the navbar
  • Minimal custom CSS so you are free to explore your own unique design options
  • Bootstrap 4.21 and JQuery 3.31

How to Install?

You must have Viual Studio 2017 or Visual Studio 2019 already installed then click as decribed below:

HTML5 nw Projct template

Then follow the instructions of the VSIX installer:

HTML5 nw Projct template

HTML5 nw Projct template

Download for Visual Studio 2017

Once installed the project template will appear in the list of the new c# project:

HTML5 new Project template

You can download the VSIX file (VS 2017):      Download   »

Download for Visual Studio 2019

The project template will appear in the list (show all projects) as described:

HTML5 new Project template

You can download the VSIX file (VS 2019):      Download   »


The Visual Studio extension can be downloaded from Visual Studio MarcketPlace. This site is build based on this template.

You can contact me by mail for developpment works (specialist c#,c++,Javascript ...) or for getting more informations about this extension
at this adress : Dimitri.Laslo at


Special Thanks to Gear.Host